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InfoStudy – is a dynamic well-established company that works since 2001 in the educational market. For more than 15 years, we offer educational consulting services for students from Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries who would like to study abroad. Our company is fully international with 3 offices in different parts of the world: in Canada, Toronto, in Ukraine, Kiev, in Russia, Moscow and partner office in Kazahstan. We work with a wide range of educational institutions in Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Our company mainly focuses on recruiting students for higher and secondary education and language courses abroad.

Our team consists of highly qualified and ICEF certified educational consultants with relevant experience in the educational field. We understand the importance of the decision to study abroad of every student and parent and do our best to find the best option for them. We provide a full package of services including professional visa support and pre- and after- arrival support.

We run intensive marketing campaign in order to recruit students for our partner institutions. We mainly use internet marketing that is very important tool nowadays. Our website is top 5 in Ukraine and Russia and brings us 70% of our students. Also we are well represented in social networks. In addition, to internet marketing we organize face-to-face meetings with the students in different cities. Also every year we organize educational conferences, road shows, seminars with our partners and prospective students in different cities. We are happy to offer many promotional activities to our partner educational institutions and are always open to new ideas.

Infostudy - образование и обучение за рубежом, языковые курсы за границей , среднее и высшее образование за рубежом, учеба за рубежом.
Канада Ричмонд Хилл, 74 Мадисон аве. Тел.: 1(647)338-22-61
Украина Киев, 01030 ул. Пушкинская 9А, офис №5. Тел.: (044)222-51-37